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Red Bull Music Academy

Über Red Bull Music Academy
Die Red Bull Music Academy fördert als globale Institution seit 20 Jahren die Kreativität all derjenigen, die die musikalische Landschaft immer wieder neu definieren. Die Academy bietet Musikerinnen und Musikern in Zusammenarbeit mit wegweisenden Künstlerinnen und Künstlern, sich auszutauschen, Neues zu erlernen und ihr musikalisches Vokabular zu erweitern.

Many Ameri und Torsten Schmidt
The Red Bull Music Academy was founded by Many Ameri and his partner Torsten Schmidt, a former editor of German music publications Groove and Spex. They were 23 and 24 years old when they were approached by Red Bull to develop an initiative for the music community. Their aim was to create a space for musicians and DJs from different backgrounds to collaborate and learn from each other, and to encourage critical conversations and knowledge exchange in popular music.

The result was Red Bull Music Academy. Its first iteration, in 1998, was attended mainly by German and Austrian turntablists and producers and included a lecture by Detroit techno figurehead Jeff Mills. Today, what started as an experiment in a Berlin warehouse has grown into a global institution committed to fostering creativity in music. Taking place in a different host city every two years, each edition brings together a group of hand-selected music-makers from around the world. At the Academy, they hear lectures from artists who have shaped music history and collaborate with their peers and a team of renowned engineers in custom-built studios.


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